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If you're the sort of person who cackles nefariously as you punt a fellow driver off the circuit in straight-laced racers, Blur is your ideal playground. Instructions Click the Download button below and you should be redirected to UploadHaven. Avid reader.


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    The tracks themselves demonstrate Bizarre's keen eye for mixing a flowing race circuit with a scenery that genuinely captures the spirit of the location. Blur encompasses an impressive number of cities around the globe, mixing more traditional street racing venues such as New York, LA and Tokyo with more quirky locations such as Brighton and Hackney in London's East End.

    Apparently the circuits are created from a cherry-picked selection of the best corners in the area which are then mashed together to create a satisfying lap. The technigue has paid off because there's only one or two weak circuits in a substantial selection, which is masterfully drip fed throughout the career mode. The entire thing is made all the more slinky by the way these locations are presented.

    This may not be the prettiest racer on the PC, but it's a triumph of art direction over polycounts. Every race takes place at some point between dusk and dawn, and the visual style is all neon light-trails and atmospheric twilight. Blur looks unlike any racer around at the moment and the closest parallel we can draw is with the now-ancient Midnight Club 2, though Rockstar's street racer was never this effortlessly stylish.

    This is the side of cities you see when you stagger bleary eyed out of a club as the sun is rising, revelling in the last few hours of booze-glow before you're pole-axed by the Robert Downey Jr-grade hangover that no doubt awaits you. The same side you see if you're a milkman. The selection of cars is charmingly out of the ordinary as well. While there's the usual selection of Audis and Beemers, there's also more quirky fare such as the aforementioned battered Beetle, a ropey old Ford pickup truck, and a genuinely hilarious souped-up Transit van.

    While we love Ferraris and Porsches, their absence is irrelevant when you can use a vehicle that boasts a bit more personality and overtaking someone in a vehicle normally used for shifting double glazing will have you hooting like a loon. It's not long before you find a favourite in each class and it's only a shame there aren't more ways to personalise your ride beyond picking the colour for a re-spray. Blur is an excellent game, not just because there's no game like it, but also because every conceivable element has been designed with surgical precision.

    Bizarre have demonstrated they have a knack not just for the serious side of racing, all shiny cars and moodily lit cityscapes, but also for the side that involves firing impossible projectiles at your opponents and launching them into the water at the LAdocks.

    Every element of Blur is singularly excellent, and somehow the game, as a whole, comes together beautifully, in the same way chocolate covered pretzels and Jagerbombs do, but shouldn't. There've been few more enjoyable experiences this year than the vindictive pleasure of smashing your way to the front of the pack in one of Blur's fraught car races.

    Even if you're generally turned off by the often po-faced racing genre, there's enough outright lunacy in here to make it well worth a punt. Browse games Game Portals. Install Game. Click the download button below to start Blur Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. Blur Size: 4. You need these programs for the game to run.

    All PC Games. Nintendo 3DS Games. Recent Updates: The game features the multiplayer mode and can be played up to 4 players via the split screen. Blur Free Download Features: Multiplayer mode. Real World Tracks. Startup Freak Free Download. Cathedral Free Download. Action Racing. Gameplay: Blur PC Game is a racing video game that is based on full of action racing. Blur PC game Screenshots:. The more you play, the more addicted you become.

    Graphic and visual effects of Blur Game Free download are truly amazing due to the street view and night racing. The sound effects of the game are really cool and the best. The sound of each car is surprising and original. This is a great game and you will love it as soon as you play it.

    Blur is the perfect racing experience as it takes you to heart and electric movement in the package with 20 cars aiming for the finish line and fighting each other while swapping paint. Intense power-ups including the ability to detonate other cars with massive blasts of energy, as well as defensive shields, nitro speed boosts, and landmines create real damage and destruction. Build a community of allies, competitors, and fans where you can share personal racing experiences with friends in and out of the game.

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    Blur game pc download. Blur PC Game Free Download

    Blur adalah video game balap mobil yang menampilkan balapan penuh gaya di berbagai lokasi-lokasi yang realistis didunia dengan lebih dari 40 mobil dari dunia nyata. Game ini juga menampilkan pemodelan kerusakan mobil yang realistis dengan grafis yang bagus juga.

    Gameplaynya pun sangat seru seperti kebanyakan game balapan mobil diluaran sana. Permainan ini tidak seperti banyak permainan yang saat ini menampilkan balapan hanya dengan mengandalkan power mobil namun Blur sangat bergantung pada model fisika realistis dan kemahiran setiap pembalap dalam menahlukan lintasan liar di jalan. Kemampuan Anda untuk mengemudi dengan power-up akan menambah cepat Anda. Mode single player dalam game ini menawarkan sembilan grup berbeda dari beberapa acara balap dengan berbagai mobil yang siap memacu adrenalin.

    Selain mode single player, Blur juga menawarkan salah satu pemain multiplayer online terbaik dalam game balap. Tipe lain adalah lomba Destruction di mana Anda harus mengejar dan menghancurkan sebanyak mungkin mobil dengan Bolt power-up. Mode ini sangat seru dan sangat menghibur apalagi jika Anda telah bosan dengan mode balap biasa single player dan multiplayer yang kurang menantang.

    Seperti banyak pembalap kart lainnya, bermain dengan teman dan menghancurkan mobil mereka dengan power-up yang keren akan membawa pengalaman terbaik. Permainan ini akan bergerak menuju pengalaman arcade yang akan memberi hadiah di setiap akhir balapan seperti game pada umumnya.

    Anda juga bisa mendapatkan tantangan mid-race dari penggemar Anda untuk melengkapi berbagai bonus yang ada disetiap race. Ada juga tantangan khusus yang dapat diselesaikan untuk mencapai peningkatan untuk mobil itu. Idenya adalah bahwa semakin terampil Anda, semakin banyak penggemar yang Anda dapatkan dan semakin banyak uang yang mereka sumbangkan untuk Anda. Game ini juga memungkinkan Anda dapat meningkatkan mobil Anda lebih jauh dan pindah ke sirkuit lain.

    Blur mungkin adalah jenis game balap yang tidak terlalu asli tetapi menawarkan beberapa ide yang menyegarkann. Ini balap cepat, sistem power-up yang mendalam dan gameplay multiplayer yang membuat ketagihan akan memastikan Anda akan kembali lagi. Secara keseluruhan game ini sangat bagus untuk semua orang. Related Posts.

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